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Month: October 2016

Golf doesn’t just stop on the course! At MJ Golf Performance, we provide clients with a variety of golf specific exercises that targets their needs as a golfer, and supplements their work on the driving range. Golf specific exercises keep you fit and well-conditioned every time you walk up to the first tee! Take a look at some of the great exercises High Performance Athlete Isabelle Taylor is working on when at the range!

Take a look at the way MJ Golf and BodiTrak is changing the face of golf coaching! BodiTrak is an invaluable tool for helping MJ Golf clients understand weight distribution and movements, and balance patterns, and the impacts these have on the golf swing.

Introducing this world class technology in MJ Golf Performance lessons has proved extremely beneficial by providing ‘fact over fiction’, with real statistics and graphical feedback in a matter of seconds!

To take advantage of this game changing technology, book your lesson today at http://mjgolf.com.au/book-a-lesson

FlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring 27 variables related to your ball, club and swing! By integrating this world class software into MJ Golf Performance lessons, we are able to effectively establish ‘fact over fiction’ and redirect new patterns of learning with real swing data in a matter of seconds.

FlightScope Technology is available to MJ Golf Performance clients, and is an invaluable tool to further develop and improve your golf swing.

Book your lesson with FlightScope today at http://mjgolf.com.au/book-a-lesson/

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