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MJ Golf Performance Fitness Series

Welcome to the MJ Golf Performance Fitness Series! 

Over 6 weeks, MJ will be taking you through various training session in the gym and on the range to improve your golf fitness and your golf swing! Each week we’ll be focussing on a different component of training, from balance and co-ordination to active warm-ups and weight transfer. Each Monday we will be releasing the week’s gym session and each Friday we’ll be releasing the week’s range session.

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Week 1

Gym Session – Balance

Balance is such a fundamentally important component of the golf swing and yet it’s often overlooked by golfers! This week, we take a look at three balance exercises that you can do in the gym to improve your stability and golf swing!

Range Session – Active Warm Ups

Warming up before we begin swinging the club may seem like a tedious task, but is crucial to activating the muscles needed to properly swing the golf club. From beginner warm ups to advanced exercises, we look at some exercises you can do on the range or before you tee off to activate your muscles to prepare you for your golf.

Week 2

Gym Session – Co-ordination

Working on co-ordination is something that many golfers don’t do in the gym, but co-ordination is very important in your golf swing! With the golf swing lasting less than 1 second, there are a lot of components that create a sound swing, so it is very important to develop co-ordination to facilitate this movement. This week we look at exercises you can easily do in the gym to work on improving your co-ordination!

Range Session – Co-ordination

Now that we’ve worked on balance and co-ordination in the gym, it’s time to begin translating that work to our golf swing on the range. Today MJ takes us through a range of exercises to test out balance and co-ordination in the golf swing and further develop these skills to improve your golf!

Week 3

Gym Session – Strength

One of the major components of golf is strength. Not only do golfers require enough strength to last 18 holes on the golf course, but they require strength to hit the ball further – something we all want to do! This week MJ takes us through 3 strength exercises that you can do in the gym to improve your golf game!

Range Session – Pre Game Practise

We all know someone who is guilty of arriving to the golf course 20 minutes before their tee time, smashing 100 balls on the range in no time, then proceeding to the first tee. This week, MJ shows us a more effective method for your pre-game preparation, including work on the range, chipping and putting greens, and in the practice bunker.

Week 4

Gym Session – Stability

A solid golf swing requires a golfer to have great stability throughout the entire body. Hitting from uphill or downhill lies, or hitting from an awkward stance, stability is an undeniably important factor in determining how consistent your golf swing is! This week, MJ takes us through three stability exercises that you can do in the gym!

Range Session – How to Practice

How can you minimise the number of shots you hit on the range and maximise the results from your practice session? Watch a MJ takes us through the 5 ball drill, a simple yet effective drill you can use on the range to make your practice more effective.

Week 5

Gym Session – Speed

One of the biggest myths in golf involves speed. Speed in the transition from the top of the swing to impact is fundamental in hitting the ball further. Slowing down, keeping the head down and limiting rotation are all counter-productive to your swing. This week, MJ takes you through three exercises to help you rotate through the ball with speed and hit the ball further!

Range Session – Pitching

Most of us aren’t very comfortable hitting a pitch shot and would much rather hit a full swing. So what do you do when faced with a 40 metre pitch? This week, MJ takes you through a simple yet effective drill that will definitely help you improve your pitching game and will help solidify confidence in your ability from those difficult distances.

Week 6

Gym Session – Recap

Over the last 5 weeks in the gym, MJ took us through balance, co-ordination, strength, stability and speed. This week, we’re doing a recap of the past 5 weeks, and translating everything that we learnt in the gym to your practise session on the range!

Range Session – Putting

It’s perhaps the least interesting to practise, but the most important part of the golf game – putting. This week, MJ gives us an excellent drill that will challenge even the best of golfers to test their putting ability. It works both your putting game and your mental strength. Do you think you can beat the world record?

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