MJ GOLF Performance

The new golf athlete; more than the gym

The new golf athlete

Today’s golfer has to be athletic. Just look at the current top golfers and you can see that they’re a new generation of fit athletes as well as top golfers.

More than the gym

But it’s not just about getting a personal trainer. It’s not about how much you can bench-press or how many kilometres you can row on a static rowing machine… if it’s not helping your golf game why do it?!

The agile golfer

Our results show that it’s about matching anatomical and biomechanical fitness to make the golfer agile, strong and able to play 18 holes without physically tiring or getting injured.

We believe fitness is just as important as technique which is why we help golfers to get as fit as they can so they’re prepared for all playing conditions and stay injury free.

MJGolf Method

Our approach is all about golf. We combine active warmups with ice baths to help muscles recover faster, and exercise specificity to directly relate functional training programs to golf.

MJGolf players are more coordinated, flexible and agile; able to react well and play their best in all conditions!

To find out how you can improve your game with golf fitness contact us today on +61 413 482968 or email michael@mjgolf.com.au

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