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Developing Juniors

Young golfers can get ahead of themselves which makes managing top juniors a real challenge.

At MJGolf we’ve learned that the best way to help golfers at all levels is to set the right expectations which is why we focus on persistence over expectation – choosing to work through a process rather than focusing on winning every tournament and having to go through the range of emotions when you’re not the one holding the trophy at the end of play.

The other challenge with Junior Golfers is that they develop at different stages – so it is vital to focus on the individual at this critical point of development. To achieve this we harness our knowledge, technology and network to help the individual golfer achieve their full potential.


Preparing the golfer for qualifying schools, smooth transition from amateur to professional and big tournaments is a major part of our hi-performance program. We do this through developing and executing a transition program which brings everyone together to support the golfer – families, coaches, caddies, personal trainers, mind performance coaches, physiotherapists – all need to be part of the journey and everyone needs to understand how they can support the golfer every step of the way.


Our approach to structure is to develop tailored programs for individual golfers that cover all aspects to build performance. This includes Fitness, Technical, Mental and Strategy.

Strategy for the big occasions

The strategy for handling big occasions is about making sure that the golfer enjoys competing. When asked recently about how he manages competing against his friends Jason Day said ‘competing is fun’. As you watch Jason play you can see his intensity but also his joy at hitting a great shot and the thrill of competition bringing out his best golf.

It’s what you do before the tournament

Jason is also one of the best examples of ‘practise makes perfect’ and at MJGolf we know this to be true. Our pre-tournament strategy is all about setting the right practise program to be competitive.


Setting schedules is critical to managing and competing well at big tournaments. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, scheduling needs to be a key focus. Too many golfers rush onto the tour and try to play all tournaments – at MJGolf we believe it’s a bit like the tortoise and hare … planning and strategy win out over rushing and disappointment.

We believe that the tournament is won with a great pre-tournament program that incorporates fitness, mental and technical training along with game strategy specific to the course. The pre-tournament program has to be well planned and executed which requires commitment to time and resources. It’s not about the tournament; it’s about what you do before the tournament.

A well-executed program lets the golfer start the tournament with a positive mindset, in peak fitness, with the best technique and game strategy.

MJGolf Hi-Performance Golfers

We are fortunate to work with some of the region’s leading professional, amateur and junior golfers including:

Brad Kennedy

Matthew Millar

Kevin Marques

Alexandra Orchard

BJ Ward

Isabelle Taylor

Nelson Turner

To find out more about our hi-performance program contact us today on +61 413 482968 or email michael@mjgolf.com.au

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