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But we’re not all the same

The way we react to mistakes and challenges on the golf course differs from golfer to golfer, which is why at MJGolf we take the time to understand the individual before we begin to develop and introduce specific routines to assist. We don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush.

Mental strength can overcome technical weakness

Over the years of teaching, something we’ve found holds true with all golfers is that mental strength can overcome golf technical weaknesses and this is why we focus as much on the mind as on technique!

MJGolf Method

Our focus is helping golfers learn to back yourself. This is achieved through developing the individual’s mental strength to make good decisions under any playing condition.

Understanding the link between communication and performance is key – for example using simple words such as ‘reset’ after poor shots can help golfers shift thinking from a negative to a positive mindset.

We also focus on persistence over expectation – choosing to work through a process rather than trying to win every tournament and having to go through the range of emotions when you’re not the one holding the trophy at the end of play.

In many sports this process is about targeting a PB (personal best) each time the athlete competes. At MJGolf we introduce an individual process for all golfers that incorporates a wide range of activities to help improve their game and to play their best golf under any conditions. At MJGolf it’s all about the PB and our experience tells us that this process often results in holding the trophy.

World renowned experts

Over the years MJGolf has been fortunate to work with an impressive number of world renowned mental performance coaches to help golfers improve their game. Today we continue our association and actively team with Dave Alred and Rachel Jones.

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