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Using the latest technology to improve technique


BodiTrak shows every physical part of the golfer’s movement from the waist down. This is the power base for all golfers. BodiTrak’s mapping provides a window into the individual golfer that is not always visible to the naked eye or video. From this understanding we can coach in changes to these movements to achieve significant improvements in short timeframes.


Flightscope helps golfers and coaches stop guessing. Using Doppler radar technology, Flightscope picks up different components of the golf swing, 27 in total, from club path, swing speed, angle of attack and many more, which allows us to accurately identify key focal points in the golf swing.

Fact over fiction

Whilst technology can never overtake a ‘feel’ for the game or a coach’s in-depth knowledge, what it does do is provide scientific data that we can use to analyse your swing. And the latest technology does this with amazing accuracy!

Technology and technique 1+1=3

Whilst we haven’t moved away from the traditional methods of coaching, MJGolf embraces new technology as another means of analysing the golfer so we can understand them as an individual. Technology gives us important data that helps direct our coaching efforts. It also gives golfers a factual basis to understand and visually see their technique in action, and, just as importantly, it enables us to revisit technique over time to track improvements.

We’re finding that by blending technology with traditional coaching methods we can significantly help to improve technique.

See it with your own eyes today!

To improve your golf game with some of these world class technologies, contact us today on +61 413 482 968 or email michael@mjgolf.com.au

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