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Paul Smerdon – A Success Story

“I have been working with Michael Jones from MJ Golf Performance for the past 5 years. During the first two years we got my handicap down from mid teens to scratch and I have basically floated around +1 to 1 ever since then.

12 weeks prior to the 2016 Club Championships at Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club, I sat down with Michael and expressed my desire to win back to back Club Championships and play better golf than I did when I won the 2015 final. Michael explained the new teaching technologies he had available, including BodiTrak and FlightScope, and we immediately got to work.

The key focus for the first few weeks was on BodiTrak and making sure my weight distribution at set up, top of swing, impact and follow through were correct. The data didn’t lie and having too much weight on my toes and also on my back leg were causing my swing to be too steep with my misses being cuts going high right. The instant feedback from BodiTrak enabled me to feel the correct setup and over time this correlated into correct weight distribution in all other parts of the swing.

Once the setup was locked in we focused on FlightScope and made some improvements to my club path, face to path and attack angle. Again the desire here was to flatten out the swing slightly and get the club head exiting more to the right to get rid of the high cut. Again, with the instant feedback on every shot from FlightScope, we are able to make some improvements.

The technology worked and I was able to rely on it when it came to the crunch. During the 2016 Club Championships, I focused on my weight distribution at set up and swing path at impact. I ended up winning the Club Championships on the 36th hole and definitely played better golf than I did the year before. Michael from MJ Golf Performance and the use of BodiTrak and FlightScope played a massive role in allowing me to achieve my goal and I can’t thank him enough.”

 – Paul Smerdon

Other Honour board events Paul Smerdon has won in 2016:

  • Men’s Foursomes
  • Mixed Foursomes
  • Club Shootout

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