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golf fitness

MJGolf Fitness

The new golf athlete; more than the gym

Today’s golfer has to be athletic. Just look at the current top players and you can see that they’re a new generation of fit athletes as well as top golfers.

MJGolf Technology

Using the latest technology to improve technique

The latest tools and technology now provide real-time, scientific data that can be collected anywhere, anytime – which means golfers can have lessons beyond the standard driving range or inside practice facility – today’s technology travels with the golfer.

mjgolf technology
golf mental


‘It’s all about the headspace’

Golf is tough enough
The game’s tough enough without beating yourself up about the last lousy chip shot that’s just missed the green or the ‘gimme’ putt that lipped the hole … again!

We all play poor shots but the better players accept their error and prepare to play the next shot well – they recognize that on most days they’re playing a ‘game of mistakes’.

mjgolf hi-performance

Developing top juniors and touring pro`s to achieve PB

Young golfers can get ahead of themselves which makes managing top juniors a real challenge.

At MJGolf we’ve learned that the best way to help golfers at all levels is to set the right expectations which is why we focus on persistence over expectation – choosing to work through a process rather than focusing on winning every tournament and having to go through the range of emotions when you’re not the one holding the trophy.

mjgolf international

mjgolf international

Live local; learn and play golf worldwide

Individual and group learning packages – Australia, Japan, China

Welcoming golfers from all corners of the world MJGolf offers individual and group learning packages at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club in Australia, Athletic Golf Club in Japan and Yishan Golf Club in China.


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