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Honjo Matsumura a Rising International Golfer

In a recent full week of training with 21-year old Japanese player Honjo Matsumura, we improved Honjo’s golf technique and developed golf specific exercises to ensure he is always ‘tournament ready’ and in form to play his best golf when it counts.
We started with the world-famous Flightscope and Boditrack technology to clearly identify Honjo’s swing and physiological actions when hitting the ball. I call this ‘fact over fiction’ and once again it proved increasingly useful as this new technology highlighted some key areas of focus for Honjo including club face consistency and completing weight distribution!

From here we went on course, at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club, and after some technical and stroke correction Honjo was able to find the extra key components to his game that he was missing.

While on course we spent some time on practise routines and adaptation skills so that Honjo can better adapt to changing environments in competition whether they are due to the weather or other playing circumstances.


Lastly we went to the Sanctuary Cove gym, not just to work out but to get an understanding of Honjo’s individual physicality so we could design specific exercises that will help Honjo’s golf. From observing Honjo we were able to develop a gym program that will take less than 45 minutes per session but will ensure Honjo is a strong, competitive athlete every time he walks up to the tee. We also talked about the value of physical preparation which has a positive influence on the mind that translates to on course performance.


After a week Honjo left Australia and Sanctuary Cove’s world-class facilities with a deeper knowledge of his capability, an action plan of how to achieve his goals and the ongoing practise and gym routines, including mind focus, that will ensure his success.

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